Nice-Matin, a Nice, France Newspaper, Features '84 Flowers'

On December 29, 2016, Nice-Matin, a major newspaper in Nice, France, featured '84 Flowers' in an article titled 'An American artist dedicates a song and a music video to the victims of the Nice attack.' You can read it here:




I am a Brooklyn and Boston based electronic musician creating under the name faSade. I craft songs that capture the intensity of emotions and frame them in raw electronic arrangements. While I use the vocabulary of modern electronic music, with complex arrangements and edgy instrumentation and rhythms, at the foundation of my songs lies solid song craft with melodies and lyrics that captivate the listener.

I witnessed the Nice, France terrorist attack in the summer of 2016 and wrote a song and a music video dedicated to its victims. The song, the original music video, which includes video footage that I shot after the attack, and my personal story, have been featured in the following publications: (in French) (in English)

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