cranes black.jpg



waves slapping in my face

yelling at me to wake up

i’m stepping on broken shells

oh what’s another cut



like broken is the bridge between you and me


i’m broken


cold waves teasing my feet

only to pull back

just like in waves came your love

and just as cold was your heart




i’m jumping head in first

like i jump into every new love

i’ll swim so deep my heart will burst

and i'll watch you be happy from above




Strip your memory


i don't want to feel this way you say

waking up with my kisses on your breath

wearing nothing but memories 

of my caress


strip your memory of the part of me

that was so close to your skin 

that was so close to your dreams

strip your memory of the part of me

you already stripped of illusions

love was just a delusion

take your captive heart and go now


do i want to dream this way i say

hypnotized by the rhythm of your curves

paradise of whispers 

the other guy doesn't deserve


strip your memory of the part of me...


i don't want this dream to end i pray

blinded by a light that's colder than reality

seeing just a shadow of you walk away

in chains of fidelity


strip your memory of the part of me...




i was not looking for love

i wasn’t even looking for a sweet sensation 

but i found you 

yes i found you

on the edge 

of city of temptation


over space and over time

running across the bridge of memory

and though other nights will follow

there will never be a night like the first of july


going crazy in the pleasure’s bazaar

making promises under the stars

peels of inhibitions 

falling to the floor

i am getting 

to your juicy core


over space and over time...


feelings are just like spices

crushed they just taste more intense

your smell on my 

skin still lingers

oh so long 

after love ends


over space and over time...



Love Combatant


betray your dictator

i’m your liberator

you are free to obey me

as i chain you

as i cane you


you’re my love combatant

i’ll bring you to your knees

my love combatant

i’ll bend you to my will


i will give you liberation

devil’s island of detention

i’ll photograph your naked body

as i tie you

humiliate you


you’re my love combatant...


prophecy of atrocities

i’ve already found you guilty

i am justice

as i cage you

as i derange you


you’re my love combatant...



Shackle Me


your angry nails

screaming on my skin

tormented thoughts

lashing from within

convicted together

to share this sentence

is this love or repentance


shackle me

deliver me from temptation

capture my demons

give me liberation


your jealous arms

stifling embrace

you captivate my eyes

you mask my face

twist my body 

to meet your expectations

how long before i lose my patience


shackle me...


possessive eyes

watching the door

you have my soul

but you want more

i broke the chains

and scaled the fences

i'll miss the pain but take my chances


shackle me...




at the crack of dawn all eyes on me

sipping from fountains of purity

for fallen angels and all the lost souls

i shine a beacon of morality


     don't look at me

     when the sun goes down

     i'm just a shadow

     dark and shallow

     having my way with the night...


in the dead of night i awaken

show my true colors in obscurity

on a date with lust i lose my luster

i go insane to keep my sanity


don't look at me...


in the blaze of noon under fire

self-righteous fingers pointing at me

become a saint to lead the sinners

or burn at the stake of hypocrisy


don't look at me...


Alligator Sensuality


my skin is rough, 

but heart is tender

no point escaping

just surrender


alligator sensuality

i sink my teeth into everything in sight

alligator sensuality

rip my skin to see my tender side


the water’s red

with wounded feelings

no longer mine

now i do the killing


alligator sensuality...


bad taste of prey

hurt and discarded

they too will heal

and repeat what i started


alligator sensuality...


Pieces of You


i saw you standing patiently

at the corner of needy and lonely

sticking out your hand

will they understand?

or linger for a one-night stand

just linger

linger for a one-night stand

one-night stand


i saw you standing eagerly

at the corner of desperate and lonely

sticking out your chest

will they give their best?

or walk away with pieces of you

just walk away

away with pieces of you

pieces of you


i saw them clenching their fists

at the corner of regret and missed

where you once stood

knowing that nothing could

put back together the pieces of you

put back together

together the pieces of you

pieces of you


standing patiently

needy and lonely

standing eagerly

desperate and lonely

clenching their fists

regret and missed

nothing could

pieces of you



you said cradle me, but I’ve never cradled sin

you said take a bite and I kept biting in

you led me down the garden that angels never see

fruit hanging up above, whose garden are we in?


can you, can you hear the noise?

this is the sound of my angel wings falling off

can you hear the noise?

this is the sound of my angel wings


you said close your eyes and open up your senses

then I realized that heaven has no fences

you took me cross the river but didn’t take a coin

you're not that kind of devil, you do it just for joy


can you, can you hear the noise?...


I put my hand in your fire, forget heaven we were burning

now I’m scarred by your lust, there’s no returning

did I look for you? did you look for me?

did we meet by chance half way in between

my bottomless pit and your ray of light?

nothing any longer is black and white…


can you, can you hear the noise?...





i run my fingers down your neck, but there's no shivers

strum the curves of your back, but there’s no fever

sparkles fly from my lips, heart skips, beats like a gong

but you’d rather hum a simple song, just a simple song


why did i lust for your feelings?

i find them so unfulfilling

why did i lie in a puddle of tears?

i imagined this affection

i will make it disappear


i wrote the score to our life, but there’s no harmony

ripped the notes from my heart, but you don’t know the key

music flows from my veins, leaving stains on the sheet

but you’d rather move to a simple beat, just a simple beat


why did i lust for your feelings?...


i strain my ears for your voice, empty pillow whispers

you, you filled my head with so much noise, now silence i can’t bear

dark notes drip from my eyes, harmonize with the question if instead

I would rather lie in an empty bed, just an empty bed


why did i lust for your feelings?...